PERAN AYAH DALAM PENDIDIKAN ANAK, MATERI PARENTING SCHOOL SMP JUARA PEKANBARUPEKANBARU. (19/05) PEKANBARU. (19/05) SMP Juara Pekanbaru carried out monthly agenda namely Parenting School. In this activity the material provided is ‘Role of Fathers in Children’s Education’. This material was presented in order to increase the father’s role in creating a child morality.

The speaker in the event was Dean of the Faculty of Psychology UIR (Riau Islamic University), Mr Sigit Nugroho, M.Psi. This event was attended by all parents of students, and started from 07.30 until 10.30 am.

“If we look in the Qur’an there are many educational models that can be done by a father, like the stories of the prophets. But in fact, the mothers take most part to educate the children. In education cooperation is necessary so that children can growth optimal. The role of father and mother has the same importance in raising and educating children. Equal parenting from father and mother toward children will form positive behavior. “explained Mr. Sigit on the sidelines of his presentation.

Therefore, in this family affair a father should learn from Luqman, a young man who immortalized his name in the Qur’an. Luqman attitudes should be owned by every father in this world, in order to be a good father. The goal of course is not to show off the greatness, but for the sake of the family, especially the children’s future.

In addition, fathers have a role in forming the personality of the children. Parents are the first role models in the formation of the child’s personality, especially the father. Dad is a figure is proud of the children. Kids will surely tell his father figure to her friends.

Therefore, the father’s role is critical in shaping the person of a child. Moreover, the father is the leader in the family who is always treated great by their children.

“This activity is part of the process of involving parents in fostering and creating Juara students. We hope parents will work with schools to foster children. “Said Syahrul Padilah, Principal of SMP Pekanbaru

The activity end with giving gifts to parents who excel in following parenting school. Parenting activities this time is the last activity in the second semester before welcoming the holy month of Ramadan.

Newsroom/Adi Hamdani

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