In commemoration of World Rabies Day which is celebrated on September 28, Cita Sehat Foundation (CSF) along with RZ implemented mentoring to Students of SD juara in ICD Tangkerang Tengah, Pekanbaru.

Amel, RZ volunteer accompanied by Hasni or familiarly called Umi Hasni, a nurse explained the material on rabies. Umi Hasni explained that rabies infected animal it comes from a virus that can be transmitted. Rabies feared because it is very dangerous and can cause death if not receive proper treatment, she explained.

Umi Hasni also mentioned that 90% of the rabies virus was transmitted to humans from dogs, cats and monkeys.

“Well, so we need to be vigilant, if you pet those three animals, with behavior such as not obey us, or animals so often hides in a cool and dark place, often biting, and the animals had salivate excessively. We should quickly consult a veterinarian. ” She explained.

In addition, Umi Hasni also explained the process of the spread of rabies that can result from the bite by an animal infected with rabies.

“Near my house, there are a lot of cats and dogs pass by. After hearing Umi Hasni I will be more vigilant when playing away from home. “Said Azim, 4th grade students of SD Juara.

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