PROBOLINGGO. “Every day the health condition of qurbany animals was checked, health checking were also done when there is a cage officer who reported there was a sick goat,” said drh Dandy Narindra Prabowo (25yo). “We will move the sick goat to the isolation cage to be treated,” he added.

This young doctor who graduated from Veterinary faculty of UNAIR has been working for a year at the farm that became the center of Superqurban production in Wonomerto Sub-district, Probolinggo District.

“In medical review, a good animal to sacrifice is a healthy animal, and of course the qurbany conditions are met such as age, agility, pain and not physically normal, there is no defect,” he said.

For a year taking care of goats and cows on the farm makes drh. Dandy really understands the condition of the animals there. Drh. Dandy was checking and making sure that all qurban animals are healthy and qualified to be sacrificed.

“The level of difficulty in health checks between cows and goats is the same, only technically, goat checking is more complicated because of the large number,” said the man who since childhood dreamt to become the doctor.

If there is any animal died on the farm, drh. Dandy will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of his death soon.

“We will make sure whether the animal died of sickness or anything. If they sick, we make sure what the disease is, whether it is contagious or not. Do not let other animals get infected. Once everything is clear, we just do the burial,” he explained.


Newsroom / Ria Arianti

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