SEMARANG. On the slopes of the Gajah Mungkur Mountains, there is evidence that the tradition of keeping and honoring parents is preserved. Pondok Pesantren Kasepuhan Raden Rahmat (Boarding School), dedicates itself to teach religion in an atmosphere far from the crowd, for the elderly as stock to the life of Husnul Khotimah.

The students in the boarding school are no longer young, but the spirit to learn religious knowledge is high. Established in January 2018, not only serves as a center of religious activities, Pondok Pesantren Raden Rahmat, also regularly held a social action.

Working closely with puskesmas and concerned parties, they visitation regularly. Require patience and extra careful treatment, while doing health checks for the elderly, because the body functions are no longer perfect, the soul has been undermined by age.

Muhammad Ubai, One of the elderly with blindness is very happy with the activities of medical treatment and examination to her house, conducted by a combination of Puskesmas Team, Elderly Cadre, Local Kadus and Pondep Pesantren Kasepuhan Raden Rahmat.

“I am happy with this pesantren activity, which routinely checks the health of the elderly like me, I hope such activities continue to be done, because it has many benefits”, said Ubai.

Not only medical attention, the elderly also get religious assistance. Soul may aging, but to God must not forget. The spirit of life continues to be pumped, through the reading of Quran and prayer. This year, Pondok Pesantren Kasepuhan Raden Rahmat targets a hundred elderly to be accompanied.

As the number of santri now reaching 21 people, pesantren kasepuhan raden rahmat planned to build a class and dormitory of the more feasible elderly students on a 4,000 meter waqf land located in Hamlet Krajan Gedong Village, Banyubiru Sub-district, Semarang Regency, Central Java.

For the time being the students occupy the house size 8 x 15 as a classroom and the size of 6 x 10 for Dormitory, the two houses belong to the resident, Sudarti, (60) borrowed to the pitutur luhur foundation.

“We are the foundation of Pitutur Luhur that supervised this pesantren, knocking on the door of the hearts of the donator to care together with the elderly. Your prayer is so noble, your donation is so precious, for the happiness of the elderly “said one of the foundations’ staff.

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