CIREUNDEU. The ability to farm the community must continue to be developed to empower the village economy. As was done in Cireundeu Village, Rumah Zakat Facilitator has carried out the Helpless Empowered Farmers program. The farmers began monitoring tomato gardens that were approaching the harvest period.

Farmers who receive assistance in this are Pak Wawan, Pak Itang and Pak Agus. Despite seeing the current situation of the price of tomatoes on the market, farmers are still grateful, they remain enthusiastic in maintaining and caring for their vegetable crops to produce maximum harvests.

“The tomatoes are big and has a lot of fruit, we are very grateful because the results of our hard work are not in vain even though the price of tomatoes is rather cheap,” said Pak Wawan.

Alhamdulillah, after the program has been running for 5 months now the vegetables they are planting will soon be entering a harvest period, especially the tomatoes planted by Pak Agus and Pak Wawan.

“Hopefully entering the harvest period, the price of tomatoes in particular will be more stable so that the the farmer are excited. Thank you to Rumah Zakat who have helped us, “continued Mr. Wawan.



Aep / Silvia Zakiah Itnaini


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