KRATON (07/23), Precisely in RW.09 Kraton Empowered Village, Rumah Zakat’s facilitators for keraton village to provide guidance and assistance to 8 residents of Kraton district, who are members of the small business group Shohibul Hikmah. The nine members are housewives.


The members get business loan called pinjaman usaha kecil bersedekah ( small charity business loan) the loan  is one of Senyum Mandiri Program which is rolled through the Empowered Village Facilitator for Kraton village, Tauchidin. This program is rolled out for RW.09 residents who are members of the Shohibul Hikmah business group.


“This program has been running for about 5 months, for the first the member was only 6 persons after walking for so many months 2 new members joined” Tauchidin said.


The initial system initiated by Tauchidin is any group member gets a loan in amount of 300.000-500.000 per person and the agreed repayment period and during the installment runs the members agreed to donate minimum Rp 500 for charity, from the charity money that was rolled out, it turn out the business group  can add 2 new members.


“Thank God, this program runs smoothly under the guidance and direction of Mr. Tauchidin, Thank you Rumah Zakat and donator” stated the chairman of small business group Shohibul Hikmah, Khodijah.

Newsroom/Lailatul Istikhomah

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