2703 POSYANDU SEMAKIN MAJU DENGAN PROGRAM OMABABANDUNG, Thursday, (23/03) Siaga Posyandu be conducted again in Bandung, at RW 15 Kel. Babakan Sari, Kec. Kiaracondong.

Posyandu activity started with the registration the babies, measurement the weight, measurement of the height and check the babies health, then printed the KMS’ Book, As usual, after the printed the KMS’ book, the parents who attended in Posyandu get the health informational. This time, the bidan wulan turns  who delivered the material of child growth

The activity ended with the giving of additional food supplement (PMT). After that, Fadhli, Public Helath of Cita Sehat Bandung socialized the parents of the babies about OMABA program.

“OMABA was an abbreviation from Ojek Makanan Tambahan. The program that I conducted in several areas in Bandung City to resolve the baby malnutrition. So that we visited the babies for giving PMT by recommendation from Kemenkes. The OMABA itself has been rolled in Gumuruh village and several of fostered areas in Bandung City,” Said Fadhli.

According to Fadhli’s statement, since OMABA program has been launched, the malnutrition case in Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat fostered areas slowly decrease.  By several programs that has been launched in Posyandu too, the parents become more enthusiastic visit the Posyandu. This statement was supported by Eni, Cadre of Kiaracondong Posyandu.

As many as 105 babies followed this activity at this time. The babies who followed this activity always increasing at the number. Moreover with the OMABA. Thank you Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat for the attention in the area of Kiaracondong.” Ujar Eni

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