SUKABUMI. (27/08) As a supporting village in the capital of Sukabumi Regency, Cidadap Village has various natural potentials. One of the potential that also becomes the main income of Cidadap Village is the potential of paddy rice farming and one of the byproducts of rice processing is bran. The potential of bran in Cidadap Village is very abundant along with the abundance of rice production.

This is the reason for Cidadap villagers to keep poultry. Chickens village is one of the many local poultry kept by residents. However, this potential cannot be optimized. Residents still consider free-range chicken only to use the existing bran. Rumah zakat is present in Cidadap precisely in Kp. Simpenan to provide motivation and a picture of the potential livestock chicken business.

Since May 2018 Rumah Zakat is present to accompany the residents in Kp. Simpenan Desa Cidadap Kec. Simpenan. Various activities are conducted in order to empower the citizens. Starting from the training of native chicken cultivation, the motivation of chicken farm business to the help of native chicken seeds and feed assistance.


On July 23 Rumah Zakat provided assistance of chicken seeds in the form of 2 roosters and 20 hens plus 800 DOC also aid of feed. The beneficiaries who are disadvantaged citizens are very happy and thank Rumah Zakat for the assistance.

“Hopefully this program can run well, and 2 months ahead precisely in October the seeds of this village chicken can be harvested” said Pak Iyus familiar call Pak Yusuf.



Yanta / Lailatul Istikhomah

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