CIMAHI. “There are millions of children in schools in Indonesia who cannot read and write fluently. School is available for them, but the door of education remains closed, “That’s the quote of Jajang Sudarsa, elementary school teacher of SD Juara Cimahi.

“It’s contradictive if for the children who attend school the door of education is still closed, how about the children who do not attend school” Said Jajang.

Therefore, SD Champion Cimahi brings the program of “Reading Times” to foster interest and love for reading on students, Reading Time is done every day after the activities with homeroom teacher and before before the study begins for 15 minutes. Students are free to choose books available in the Reading Corner, reading corner and reading cards are available in each class.

“Children do not have to worry if the time to read is not enough to complete a book they read because children can write what they read every day on the reading card” Said Jajang.

Commitment of SD Juara Cimahi in improving the reading passion of the students proved by mentoring conducted for 1st grade students. For the first grade students who have not read fluently, the Teacher also provides time to assist students in reading individually.

“Students who cannot read accompanied by teachers, reading exercise books were prepared, every child in a queue and take turns reading in front of the teasher” Add Jajang

To measuring the effectiveness of the Reading Time Program, the program is evaluated, children who has completed a reading book will have the opportunity to deliver what they has read in front of the teacher, a gift will be given to the student for what they have done.

Jajang also hope that in the future, children are not only able to read but make reading as the needs and hobbies of the students.

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