In connection with derivative of UN’s MDGs Goal no 1 SDGs (No Poverty) to reduce poverty in all its manifestations in 2030, and also Goal no 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) to make towns and settlements are inclusive, secure, resilient sustainable, RZ realizes such goals through Senyum Mandiri Program.

Senyum Mandiri is a program of small and micro-economic empowerment for disadvantaged communities to reduce poverty.



pemberdayaan UKMEconomic empowerment program based on small and micro businesses under RZ guidance, in the form of capital procurement and / or infrastructure and supporting facilities on its existing business activities are based on the assessment of beneficiaries’ need

.Donation: Rp 17,000,000

Target Beneficiaries : Underprivileged residents who have micro and small businesses that need financial assistance, mentoring and coaching.



Pertanian ProduktifProductive agriculture is empowerment programs to encourage young farmers with the help of the means of production, agricultural machinery, quality seeds and mentoring.

Donation : Rp 210.000

Target Beneficiaries : disadvantaged young farmer who need support on agricultural operations also mentoring.




TErnak PRoduktifProductive livestock is a program to help farmers to have additional income from raising, through the help of quality seeds and inputs.

Donation : Rp 210.000

Target Beneficiaries : underprivileged farmers who need additional income that will be supported through the raising of capital in the form of cattle and production facilities.


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