PROGRESIF, MEMBER RZ PELAJARI MANAJEMEN KEUANGAN BISNISLIMA PULUH KOTA. RZ Padang held entrepreneurial guidance for RZ members in Jembatan Kelok 9, Nagari Sari Lamak, Lima Puluh Regency, West Sumatra on Thursday (17/02). Total of 7 members assisted participated in educational activities this time.

Unlike the usual activity this time deliberately done outside the city of Padang to develop entrepreneurial knowledge of RZ members. It took about 3 hours to get there from Padang.

In this entrepreneurial education, the speaker came from Padang, Jeffy Aldi, SE who are students graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Bung Hatta University who provided material on the financial management of business. Lots of RZ members often confound the capital with the cost of everyday needs,  to obtain the results and a clear advantage they needed to be given this material on a regular basis.

“On running a business, profit is an important thing. To manage finance in a business, we need a book to record cash out flow and cash in flow of money. If the money that we think capital is used for everyday purposes, then it should be considered as a debt although we are the owners of our own money, “said Jeffy.

“So, you are very necessary to record it all even the smallest ones if you used it for the needs beyond business,” he continued.

Not only that, after the activities the members were also invited to visit the Bukittinggi Souvenirs Centre, like crackers Sanjai which is typical snack of Bukittinggi. Members also were discussing with its owners about the experience in running the business that make Sanjai cracker become widely known by tourist in West Sumatra and outside of West Sumatra.

“I am very pleased with this activity, there is a lot of knowledge I get about business and financial management theory and also experiences of businessman in this area. I hope that this kind of activity continues for me and another members, so that we can be successful businessman (woman), ” said Sefria Nofita, one of RZ member.

Newsroom / Rino Saputra
Lima Puluh Kota

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