KISARAN. (Analisis). PT Terminal Bahan Bakar Minyak (TBBM) Pertamina branch of Kisaran channeled Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Rumah Zakat to launch the New Range Community Empowerment in Kisaran Barat District, Tuesday (18/9).

The activity was carried out with three programs, namely generating independent entrepreneurs, self-sufficient Posyandu and trash banks. The program is given directly to the community around the Pertamina Kisaran ring one.

Operation Head (OH) TBBM Debbi Range Juliana Harahap said, the national energy company, Pertamina is committed to always prioritizing the balance and sustainability of nature, the environment and society. With human welfare, Pertamina will be able to achieve sustainable business growth.

“Pertamina’s commitment is to empower the community in a sustainable manner through behavioral change, mindset, and skills and health training, both with an environmental preservation perspective by managing waste, third related to entrepreneurial business strategies and carried out thoroughly,” Debbi Juliana Harahap said.

Pertamina also, he continued, set several strategic initiatives as a form of its commitment to make the community prosperous through CSR funds provided by Pertamina through Rumah Zakat.

“This corporate assistance program through CSR aims to support efforts to improve health entrepreneurs with various programs including Posyandu facility assistance, nutritious supplementary food and cadre training with the hope that in the future will be able to become an independent Posyandu,” he explained.

Branch manager of Rumah zakat, Budi Syahputra was very grateful to TBBM Kisaran for involving Rumah Zakat in self-employed programs, independent posyandu and trash banks. Pertamina is one of the companies in Indonesia that is consistent and committed in channeling CSR assistance to the community. Both in the economic, environmental and health strengthening sectors.

The Head of the Environment Agency Bambang HS said, he was interested in trash bank program, because garbage can be managed into handicrafts and sold. He also appreciated Pertamina TBBM Kisaran with the inauguration of one of the Bank’s waste programs and was a momentum in waste management in Asahan Regency.

He also said, the target of the waste bank is environmental preservation, do not have a target achievement in recruiting customers to collect waste but the few customers are increasingly empowered. The activity took place with the submission of a certificate from the Asahan District Government to OH TBBM Kisaran and then cutting the nasi tumpeng marking the launching of community empowerment.

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