PALESTINE. On the second day of Tasyrik (03/09), Rumah Zakat slaughtered qurbani animals in Gaza, Palestine.

“These qurbani sheep are the trust of Indonesian people. Alhamdulillah, we can distribute it directly to Gaza residents, “said Noor Yahya Muhammad, Chief Program Officer of  Rumah Zakat.

The qurban meat is distributed to Gazan. It was seen some residents who uses a wheelchair, some wear crutches, some are walking is not normal. They were injured by the clashes in Gaza.

“Thank you Sahabat for participation in qurbani this year, so Gaza residents in Palestine can feel the pleasure of qurbani meat. Hopefully Allah accepts our qurban and rewards it with much good. Aamiin” said Noor Yahya Muhammad.

Newsroom / Ria Arianti


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