RELAWAN INSPIRASI BANGUN MADRASAH DI BANDUNGBANDUNG. (06/11) has been nearly 10 years of Al-Falah mosque is devoid of worshipers, quite from teaching activitie as well as religious lecture for woman and children. The mosque is located in Kp. Sukaratu, Banjarsari village, district. Pangalengan Kab. Bandung.

In connection with this, the RZ inspiring volunteer did not stay silent. In order to prosper back Al-Falah mosque RZ inspiring volunteer build a madrasah and renovate the mosque. Alhamdulillah up till now has collected funds from NGOs and some donators to assist the construction of Madrasah and mosque.

“Thanks to the efforts of the community eventually the fund has collected though it is not sufficient for the construction in total. Hopefully the process is going smoothly and what is aspired to be done.” Asep Dena Birawa said, RZ inspiring volunteer.

Hopefully, this construction is successful that can trigger the spirit of community in the region could prosper the mosque and learn Quran

Newsroom/Asep Dena Birawa

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