RELAWAN INSPIRASI RZ SALURKAN KORNET SUPERQURBAN UNTUK DAERAH TERTINGGAL DI SRAGENSRAGEN. On Wednesday (08/17) has 100 cans of SuperQurban corned has been channeled by RZ’s Inspiring Volunteer in Toklaos, ICD Srimulyo for citizens Srimulyo, Gondang Sragen which is a Disadvantaged Areas, there also are many orphans and the needy,

Besides that the division of corned SuperQurban also enlivened with 71st independence day celebrations. Initiatives of this event is inseparable from the role of young youth Young Chakra Mandala chaired by Tri Prasetyo Utomo. Various events have been organized starting from gymnastics with villagers, flag ceremonies, and various competitions were followed by all the young-adult.

Another interesting thing is the flag ceremony in commemoration of 71st Independence Day in Toklaos ICD Srimulyo, given the flag ceremony is the first time since Indonesia’s independence on 17 August 1945. “Not just a symbolic celebration, but the very important thing is the flag-raising ceremony can give deep meaning of freedom that can be felt by all the Indonesian people, especially Srimulyo villagers “said Tri Prasetyo Utomo, RZ Inspiring Volunteers.

“Therefore, the youth Srimulyo seeks to promote the spirit of independence of the republic of Indonesia. Long live Indonesia, long life, my land, long live Indonesia! “He concluded.

Newsroom/Tri Prasetyo Utomo

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