ACEH TENGGARA (12/12). The successive rainfall in this week resulted in landslides and flooding at several locations in Southeast Aceh Regency. There are 3 villages that are submerged by flood, namely Kuta Rambe Village, Kec. Darul Hasanah, Natam Baru Village, Kec. Badar, Kayu Mentangur Village, Kec. Ketambe, Agara Regency, Southeast Aceh.

In response to this flood, volunteers from  Rumah Zakat Medan deployed 6 volunteers to go to the flash flood location in Southeast Aceh District on Saturday (01/12).

Departing from the Rumah Zakat Medan Branch, assistance is well prepared. Assistance will be sent in the form of 100 cans of Rendang Superqurban, 6 Rice sacks, 18 boards of chicken egg, 18 boxes of instant noodles, 18 liters of oil, 3 boxes of liquid milk, toddler food as well as toddler milk and medicines, 9 boxes of clothes. Not forgetting a number of worship equipment in the form of 6 sarongs and 4 prayer rugs, school supplies in the form of 20 school bags for junior / senior high school and books and stationery for elementary school were ready to be brought to victims affected by the flood.

With equipment as well as action ammunition such as buoys, helmets and boot shoes at the end (2/12) of the Zakat House Volunteers on the border together with Agara John Pratama, Abi Hasan, SH together went to 3 flood-affected villages.

The first village, Kuta Rambe village, Kec. Darul Hasanah there are 11 families from 18 families who were victims of floods. The flood caused by the breakdown of the embankment due to the swift currents of the Mamas River made submerged corn fields and houses. When the aid was channeled the flood had not subsided. The saddest thing is that there are no refugee posts in this village so that people sleep in neighboring homes.

The second village, Natam Baru village, Kec. Badr. Floods hit 2 hamlets namely Simpang Tiga and LW Hamlets. Tend to There was one evacuation post in this village, namely in the Southeast Aceh BPBD but residents chose to sleep in relatives house in another sub-district for fear of aftershocks. In this village about 21 houses were heavily damaged, 1 was moderately damaged, 25 slightly damaged. There are 65 affected households in the village.

The third village, Kayu Mentangur Village, Kec. Ketambe is the most affected village in the other 2 villages. There is the Southeast Aceh BPBD Command Post, Social Service Post and DU Tagana Command Post. In this village there are 32 families, 3 drifting houses and 13 heavily damaged houses.

Pak Hakimin as the Head of the Mentangur Village Head said this was a more severe aftershock that occurred on Friday (30/11) from the first flood that occurred on Monday (26/11). There were no fatalities because the incident occurred in the afternoon so that residents could save themselves. Flash floods carry large wood materials and rocks which are sent from mountain water.

Rahmat Santoso as Kadiv Disaster RN Medan expressed his gratitude to Kades and his wife and Rumah Zakat Volunteers for their cooperation to intervene to help each other evacuate victims and jointly conduct aid distribution for the vistims in Kab. Agara.


Rahmat Widodo/Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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