RELAWAN RUMAH ZAKAT BANDUNG DAN SUKABUMI GELAR LATIHAN GABUNGANSUKABUMI. Rumah Zakat’s Volunteers Bandung and Sukabumi conducted the joint training in Rusunawa Sukabumi City with themed “Gempa yang mengakibatkan kebakaran”. Saturday, (13/05) and started at 10.00 WIB. the event started with the reciting Al-Quran and reception speech from BPBD Sukabumi as the speaker in this training.

The first material discusses was how the fire chronology that usually occurs and how to handle it delivered by Drs. Ahdar Somali (Head of Logistics BPBD). The second material was delivered by Suherman, he told about APD and the various equipment used to extinguish the fire, as well as anything that could cause a fire. In addition, Suherman explained how an earthquake can also cause a fire.

In addition to getting the material, volunteers also perform simulations that begin with the emergence of explosive sounds on the 3rd floor of Rusunawa building. In these activities volunteers involve Rusunawa residents, it aims to provide education, so it can provide benefits to local residents. The Joint Training on Disaster ends at 4pm.

In the evening, volunteers Nusantara Rumah Zakat Bandung – Sukabumi numbered 18 people to fill the time by doing a study of “Menggapai Ridho Allah” and preparation for the month of Ramadan delivered by Dede Isnandar as the speaker. The Joint Training is closed by rihlah to Sawer Waterfall Sukabumi.

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