MALANG (11/12). Heavy rains that flushed Malang resulted in the overflow of river water breaking down the river wall. Rain that fell for about 2 hours resulted in total paralysis. Several points in Malang City were hit by floods.

One of the most severely affected is the SMP Muhamadiyah 6 Malang which is a middle school under guidance of  Rumah Zakat Malang where Care For Teen programs are held every week there. The heavy rain which caused the breakdown of the barrier wall which was a barrier to the river water entering the school made the school submerged by river water.


Pak Deny, who is one of the teachers in the school, explained the losses suffered by the school due to this flood.


“Because the breakdown of the walls of some of the losses experienced by Malang City Middle School 6 Muhamadiyah is the destruction of several important files belonging to the school and the collapse of the wall,” said Pak Deny.


In response to this disaster, Rumah Zakat Volunteers in Malang helped to work together to clean up the school area along with several parties to help carry out the evacuation and community service.


Community service begins at 7:00 a.m., beginning with cleaning up the mud that enters in several rooms such as bathrooms, classrooms, teacher’s rooms. Then proceed with cleaning the mud in the school yard which clogs the drainage flow. During the day the agenda continued with making temporary embankments to hold the water.


“Thank you profusely to Rumah Zakat volunteers for helping in cleaning the school.” Concluded Mr. Deny.



Asih Dwi Rini / Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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