0205 RELAWAN RUMAH ZAKAT BANTU EVAKUASI LONGSOR MAGELANGMAGELANG. The landslide struck due to the heavy rain since Friday (28/04) causing fash flood and landslide in 4 villages, namely village of Sambungrejo, Nipis, Karanglo and Deles, Grabag Subdistrict Magelang.

The disaster caused many victims. The Information has been collected by volunteers of Rumah Zakat in disaster location, on Sunday (30/04) at 22.00 Wib. The volunteer said there were 10 victims who died. The victims were found in Dusun Sambungrejo and Dusun Nipis.

In addition there are still victims who have not been found yet.  also some residents around that were injured. The victims were also temporarily displaced in the nearest their relatives homes, which were not affected by the landslide.

In the material, as many as 71 units of houses destroyed and elementary school of  Sambungrejo covered in mud.

After landslide and flash flood occurred, as many as 8 volunteers of  Rumah Zakat namely Romad Syariful as volunteer coordinator in charge to coordinate with BPBD,  do the assessment in evacuating victims. On Monday (01/05), as many as 6 Volunteers Rumah Zakat also help evacuate in Dusun Deles and open posko segar .

From the results of the Volunteer assessment, shown that there are needs for the citizens and volunteers in the location. ” Today’s urgent urges were fast food for residents and volunteers who help evacuate and clean the mud from residents’ houses, and we need more evacuation volunteers, hygiene kits, school kits and hygne kits,” Rohmad said.

Newsroom/Yadi Mulyadi


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