RELAWAN RZ AKTIF TANGANI DAMPAK PASCA BANJIR BANDANG SUBANG SUBANG (05/26) On May 22, 2016 flash food hit subang. The disaster caused by high rainfall that occurred from 05.00 pm to 21.00 P.M resulted in a puddle of water in the river and the overflow of water cause a landslide from the top of hill.

Two hours later the following landslide occurred, and it is the most severe landslide
. There are five points of avalanches in Cihideung, Sukakerti sub-district, Cisalak district, Subang which resulted in some houses buried by landslides and people dead.

The flash floods affect 378 people and the impact on three neighborhoods (RT) at once, namely: RT 01 RW 01, RT 02 RW 01 and RT 06 RW 02. In addition there are five people died, six people severely injured, and 2 people got minor injury.

Besides that, the incident also impacts rice field area covering 32.5 hectares. It is also result some damages, as many as 21 houses were slightly damaged, 12 moderately damaged and 11 houses were severely damaged.

“Right now we are still in need of emergency needs such as water pumps to clean the home, footwear, school supplies, necessities for children of 3-6 years , equipment for repairing the road: Hoe, tools cleaning kit. “Reza explained, RZ Volunteer.

As the efforts that has been done by volunteers RZ are assessment to the disaster site, cleaned the affected locations, trauma healing by playing and sharing a snack with the kids.

Newsroom / Reza

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