Relawan RZ Bagi 1.050 Al-Quran di Kota BimaSUMBAWA BESAR. SR 

RZ Volunteers continue its social responsibility program for flood victims in Bima, (1/23). As from the beginning of January 2017 and will continue until the end of January, RZ volunteers is completing the distribution of 1,050 Quran.

According to Volunteer Coordinator of RZ Sumbawa, Repi S, the distribution of Quran conducted in 33 of 38 villages in Bima. The distribution centered in mosques and mushollah, each mosque got five to 10 Quran. And some of Quran also distributed to citizens. “Alhamdulillah, we continue to make real social action in helping our brothers and sisters affected by the disaster in Bima,” said Repi to SAMAWAREA, Monday (1/23).

Repi continued that Quran assistance come from a variety of sources. A total of 700 Al-Quran is the contribution of West Java Care for Bima programs that have been pursued since the end of 2016. A total of 300 Quran is the contribution from RZ and the rest from other donators. Quran distribution is umpteenth real action carried out by RZ in helping flood victims in Bima City. Previously RZ volunteers has also conducted various social activities among others, the distribution of 500 packages canned meat Superqurban, 200 masks, 910 logistic packages and other supplies. There was also distribution of 2,500 servings of food, 250 packages of school supplies, to conduct free health care.

Repi hopeswith Quran distribution become a momentum of all parties to remind each other. Including the obligation to preserve nature and the environment which is also mentioned clearly and unequivocally in the Quran, moreover, the floods in Bima is also believed to be not free from human error itself. “Let’s make this moment as the best invitation to return to the teachings of Allah. Of course, by reading Quran, understand and practice the contents of Quran. We hope this becomes a self reformation event for all of us that in life we are also obliged to pay attention and nurturing environment, “said Repi. (JEN / SR)

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