SURABAYA. JRELAWAN RZ BERBAGI NASI BUNGKUS DI SURABAYAFriday is a day full of blessings, for relawan nusantara or commonly known as the Volunteer of RZ Surabaya did not waste this opportunity. In Friday (04/08) morning relawan nusantara Surabaya held Jumat Menabung (Rice Sharing) to open this blessed day.

Jumat Menabung was held in Gubeng baru Station, Surabaya at 06.00 pm. A total of 59 rice packets distributed to pedicab drivers, street sweepers, garbage collectors, parking attendants, tire repairman, newspaper sellers, and others who in need.

“Thank you for giving us rice packet, this is extremely helpful for me Mas. Moreover, it is good to have breakfast in the morning before work,” Said one of the recipients who work as garbage collector.

Not only was attended by 13 people relawan nusantara Surabaya, four UNAIR students and one Jember Volunteer also participated in this program. They said that they are interested in this activity because it can improve social sensitivity.

It’s nice, because basically what we’ve shared will be returned to us. ***

Newroom/Septea Andre Adyana

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