RELAWAN RZ GOES TO TPQ  ASYIKNYA BELAJAR KESEHATAN GIGI DAN MULUTSURABAYA. In Volunteer Goes to TPQ activities, volunteer of RZ Surabaya share the joy and knowlege with the children there. The activity is routinely conducted once a month.

This time Volunteer of RZ Surabaya returned to visit children in TPQ Al Mubaroq, Keputih Tegal Bakhti – Surabaya in activities ‘Volunteer Goes to TPQ’ on Monday (05/09) afternoon. The activity takes place from 15:30 until 16:15.

In the previous month Volunteers RZ deliver material about ‘Ideals and Profession’, in April regarding Coloring Contest, and in this May Volunteer RZ Surabaya come with providing information about the Dental and Oral Health. On this occasion the material submitted by kak Diana.

A total of 24 children attended the event. They are enthusiastic to follow events ranging from singing along, watching a funny video, counseling and motivational video about brushing your teeth diligent.

Not only are taught to brush the teeth properly and correctly, kak Diana also shared about how to keep the teeth clean and strong as avoiding the consumption of sweet, sour, hot, cold and consumption of coffee and tea. And kak Diana also advised to consume fruits and vegetables and milk to keep teeth healthy and strong. Not only given counseling, the children of TPQ Al Mubaroq also given a box of milk, mineral water and Biscuit.

“Hopefully, with this counseling the children of TPQ Al Mubaroq increasingly concerned with the health of their teeth and mouth. So that children don’t have cavities anymore, although there have been several children whose got cavities” said Irmayatul Khotimah, RZ Volunteer.

Newsroom / Irmayatul Khotimah

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