RELAWAN RZ SALURKAN BANTUAN UNTUK WARGA TERDAMPAK LONGSOR DI RIAURIAU. Landslide disaster happened in Tanjung Baru, Tanah Merah, Indragiri Hilir, Riau province, on Tuesday (05/10). The disaster happened at around 11:30 pm that afternoon, resulting in 30 homes collapsed and fell into the river. On Saturday (05/14), two volunteers RZ deployed to channel aid.

“We have to travel overland from Pekanbaru to Tembilahan for 8 hours and then continued by speedboat 1 hour to get to the village of Tanjung Baru.” said Suardi, Volunteer RZ.

The aid is channeled by RZ are in form of 120 kg of rice, 36 packs of cooking oil , 30 boxes of tea, 30 kg sugar, 8 cardboard of instant noodles, 30 cans of milk, 1 cardboard coffee, biscuit, 36 cans of small sardine, and 60 cans of corned SuperQurban.

Landslide resulted in one mosque and 30 houses occupied by 37 families or 99 lives were smashed. In addition 100 meters of jalan rabat beton, 60 meter of jalan jerambah kayu and 20 meters of wood dock are damaged. Losses estimated at 1.5 M.

Until now a lot of help coming in, residents were evacuated to the police station, school, and partly in homes. Endro, RZ volunteers who participated in the distribution of aid said that Tanjung Baru residents are very grateful and happy when volunteers brought relief consist of basic commodities.

“Thanks to the donators and volunteers who have sent aid to our village that effected by landslide, may God avenge all with goodness” said Mr. Hatta, village Head of Tanjung Baru .


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