RZ LDKO CilegonBANDA ACEH. Saturday (16/5), RZ fielded some volunteers to provide free health service and distribute logistic assistance for Rohingya refugees in refuge post, Pangkalan Susu, Langkat and Langsa, East Aceh.

According to the volunteer, Rohingya refugees are spread in 3 districts namely 581 people in Lhoksukon, North Aceh, 790 people in Langsa, East Aceh, and 97 people in Pangkalan Susu, Langkat. “We’ve checked 69 refugees here. They’re in poor condition and some of them are injured since they were fighting over food when on ship,” Herlan Wilandari, volunteer of RZ, said.

He added that most of them suffer ulcer, gastritis, and diarrhea. On the other hand, RZ also distributed 6 dozens of soap, 150 packs of tooth paste, 6 dozens of tooth brush, 2 packs of mineral water, 15 packs of biscuits, 11 packs fresh milk, 480 cans of Superqurban corned, and 4 sacks of decent cloth in Langsa Refuge Post.

“We’ve planned to provide other actions such as distributing family kits, free barber shop, and trauma healing,” Herlan said. ***

Newsroom/Ria Arianti
Banda Aceh

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