RELAWAN RZ SUKABUMI PERDANA ADAKAN PELAJAR SIAGA BENCANASUKABUMI. Saturday (2/4) Volunteer Rumah Zakat Sukabumi for the first time to implement training of Student Alert to Disaster held at MTs. YASMIN (Yayasan Swadaya Muslimin Sukabumi). Located on Jl. K.H. Ahmad Sanusi Karantengah subdistrict Gunugpuyuh district of Sukabumi.

The training, which began at 8:00 to 11:00 pm was attended by about 50 students and guided by 6 volunteers. Training of Student Alert to Disaster is themed on Earthquake which was delivered by RZ Volunteer, Mr Dedi and Mr Zainal. Material presented on Earthquake Prevention and administered at school. Given this recent time there was an earthquake in Sukabumi.

Not only that, students were also given the knowledge of natural disasters such as floods, landslides and soil movements that often occur. Although accompanied by rain since the morning, the students seemed very enthusiastic about the training, especially when simulating Earthquake was implemented. Simulation carried out as the practice of material that has been presented previously.

Fika dan M. Yusuf, two students of MTs. YASMIN also expressed gratitude for activities that have been carried out. “Thanks RZ volunteers for the knowledge provided. I feel happy and come to know what to do when an earthquake happens at school, “said M. Yusuf, 7th grade student of MTs Yasmin.

“It turns out that when the earthquake occurs we should not panic, should keep quiet and out of the room toward the open field in an orderly manner. While making dhikr to calm our heart, Thanks RZ volunteer, today is fun and we got a new knowledge “said Fika, student council representative of MTs Fika Yasmin.

Mr. Usman, S.Ag., M.Si as Principal of MTs Yasmin expressed gratitude to the volunteers on Disaster Preparedness Student program which has been held at the school.

“This program is very good. We support the implementation of the Student Alert to Disaster in other schools in order to create a disaster response student in their respective schools. Hopefully become useful knowledge, thanks Volunteer of Rumah Zakat Sukabumi. Success for RZ volunteers ” He concluded.


With activity expected that more students have good respond to natural disasters at any time come unnoticed.



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