RENOVASI SEKOLAH, KELAS MOTIVASI, BIOSKOP DESA HINGGA TRAVELLING KE GUNUNG PADANG CIANJURCIANJUR. Friday, (04/28) Rona Nusantara program participants started their journey to Kampung Pasirtaritis, Cempaka Sub-district, Cianjur District. Participants depart at 21:30 pm from Rumah Zakat Bandung branch. Participants who follow this program come from various cities, including Jakarta, Cimahi, Bandung, Cikarang, Majalaya, Sumedang, Lampung and Samarinda.

“I deliberately leave on Saturday tomorrow (4/29), in order to participate in this activity. When can again sharing as well as traveling “said Maya, one of the participants from Jakarta who is a student as well as participants.

The great theme of Rona Nusantara activity this time is about education care. The village of Pasirtaritis was chosen because there was a Madrasah Ibtidaiyah school (MI) which condition was very apprehensive. Not only in terms of physical buildings but from the process of education, to motivate the citizens to send their children to school, the principal and teachers who are in fact honorary status are using BOS funds and their salary money to buy school supplies ranging from uniforms, stationery, school bags, shoes to allowance for all students who attend school there.

Participants Rona Nusantara arrived at Kampung Pasirtaritis on Saturday (4/29) at 04.00 am. After a short rest, the participants were immediately prepared to take action on the first day. “Today we are going to renovate the school, hold motivational classes, distribute school supplies and Superqurban corned beef to students and their parents. Today we will close the action by holding Village Cinema, “said Nur, Volunteer coodinator of Rumah Zakat Bandung.

The next day, Sunday (4/30), participants of Rona Nusantara leave Kampung Pasirtaritis to Mount Padang in order to travel. “According to the tagline program Rona Nusantara, which is Sharing and Traveling, after yesterday doing variety of sharing activities, then on this second day we fill with traveling. The purpose of our travel this time is to Mount Padang which is a mound of megalithic rocks “Nur explained.

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