RZ Teri CrspyACEH. Cut Putri, RZ’s entrepreneur member, is a mother with 4 children that has a crispy anchovy business. She started to run it since 2006 after Tsunami hit her village.

During the early days of running business, she faced many problems and obstacles because she started it from the lowest level. However, with a strong will, extra effort, and RZ business assistance program in 2014, her business began to experience significant progress.

Currently, her product has reached intercity market. Syahabbudin, RZ Micro Business Officer, said that with 12.000 rupiah per pack, Putri can obtain 2.2 to 3 millions rupian per month as net profit.

“Alhamdulillah, I’d like to thank to RZ and MBO for the assistance and supervision. Now, I have a good market point and I also have several employees to help production process,” Putri said.***


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