BOYOLALI. Rumah Zakat hold a visit to the various educational institutions in the village of Kembang, District Ampel, Boyolali. Empowerment Village Facilitator started his visit to MTS Nurul Huda, on (18/05). Then visited PAUD Puspitorini, TK Marsudisiwi, SD, SMP. And last visit on yesterday, Wednesday (24/05) to MI and Raudhatul Athfal.

Desa Kembang is one of the villages with the most education institution. In Ampel District there is one PAUD, two kindergartens, two elementary schools, two MI, one MTS and SMP.

“In this month we are going to make a visit to the schools in Kampung Kembang, the momentum coincides with the farewell and the end of the school year 2016/2017. Not only students and teachers but also the guardian of the students, so we can socialize the program from Rumah Zakat, “said Sarwanto, an Empowerment Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat.

This activity, received appreciation from various parties, Supervisor of Islamic Religious Education, Hj.Mahmudah, S. Ag. MA expressed great appreciation of the synergy of activities with Rumah Zakat hopefully the future continues to be sustainable.

Meanwhile, Chief of Kembang Village revealed, “Once again we are very grateful due to Rumah Zakat supports and initiate many activities in Kembang Village,” he said.

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