(04/03) Rumah Zakat again held the Rona Nusantara Program, which is sharing and traveling activities with people in the village and traveling in the area. This time Rona Nusantara 10th force held in Cibalung Village,  Cijeruk District, Bogor Regency. The activity of Rona Nusantara in Cibalung Village took place on March 2-4, 2018 and attended by 16 participants from various regions.


On the first day, the participants visited MI Sirojul Huda to perform the Educational Activity by holding Inspiration and Science Classes to the students and then Followed by the activities of Trash can Painting, and make Poster Education Environment. The students looked enthusiastic as the participant inspired and played with them.

“When we got back to school, we were greeted so cheerfully by the students of MI Sirojul Huda, the school yard became noisy and busy,” said Ida Wahidd, one of the 10th Rona Nusantara participants.

In addition, Rona Nusantara’s other activities are Healthy Action.

The residents in Cibalung Village, Kec. Cijeruk get free health care starting from medical examination and drug delivery.

The first day activity ended with Village Cinema featuring children’s creativity from Cibalung Village. Next on the second day the Perona invited to tour and play in the area of ​​Happyland, Cibalung Village is not far from the first day activities area.

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