LOMBOK.  Activities carried out from the Rona Nusantara Program from Rumah Zakat continue until the fourth day. The activity that was held this time was so special for the participants, not only because Lombok’s nature is full of beauty but also serving in disaster areas makes Rona Nusantara different and special than before.

A total of 30 people arrived from various regions in Indonesia, namely Bengkulu, Aceh, West Kalimantan, Southeast Sulawesi, Sumbawa, Magetan, Bojonegoro, Kediri and Dompu. All participants follow the the activities well which is scheduled to last for 9 days from Saturday (11/24) to Sunday (12/2) and has now entered its fourth day.

The first day the participants gathered at the Hubbul Wathan Islamic Center to go to the lodging camp at the Views Village of Malaka Village, Kec. Winner of Kab. North Lombok, the next day, the participants were invited to see for a moment the state of the refugee shelter in Menggala Village. All participants were so enthusiastic about participating in this event that even Sulton, one of the participants from Aceh, said, “This is a very extraordinary activity that adds a sense of caring for others,” he said.

On the third and fourth day it was the most memorable moment, because they had very busy activities, in the morning they had to teach and share with children at SDN 4 Tanjung, afternoon until the afternoon repairing MCKs, Wells, and Electrical Installations and cleaning garbage around the beach. Not enough until there was excitement continuing until late at night all participants told stories of inspiration and motivation in his life.

“Rona Nusantara is indeed the best place to find one word that goes beyond space and time, that is caring,” Arif said, one of the participants from Dompu.



Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini




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