RUMAH ZAKAT ADAKAN PELATIHAN BIOPLASTIKBOGOR. Currently the use of plastics is increasingly widespread, not only in Bogor, but almost in all areas, even in the area of the village is very easy to get. This will certainly have an impact on the cleanliness of the environment that will pollute the rivers and waters.

One effort to reduce the use of plastic waste that is often used by home industry, then Rumah Zakat held training of making bioplastik by using cassava. The training was held at the homes of residents located in Nagrog village RT.002, RW 012, Pamoyanan Sub-District, Bogor Selatan District, Bogor.

The training aims to empower people to have skills, one of them by making bioplastik. “The results of this bioplastic will be used for food packaging produced by home industry, such as risoles, lemper and rolls,” said Elan Jaelani, Empowered Village Facilitator.

Food consumed by consumer remains safe because it is organic based. Thus, the disposable packaging of the food will quickly disintegrate. Unlike ordinary plastic that takes hundreds of years in the melting process.

“Hopefully with this innovation people can duplicate the use of bioplastics in order to reduce the use of plastic waste, especially in food industries, because waste is the responsibility of producers and we all include waste producers which means must take responsibility” Elan Added.

Newsroom/Dian Ekawati


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