LAMONGAN. Empowered Village Facilitator Rumah Zakat in Manyar Village, Lamongan hold the training to be a good Da’i. That is able to read the situation and condition of society and understand the needs of the ummah.

Da’i, convey everything to the community should be a clear reference. The theme raised in this training is in accordance with the circumstances of the community so that the community spirit to refresh it.

After the Empowered Village Facilitator explains it to the trainees. It is expected that they can understand and directly want to comply with the theories that have been submitted by the Facilitator.

Because their spirit is extraordinary, the Facilitator also gives their permission to be able to directly practice in front of other participants. The participants are, Novit, Jepri, Adam, Adib, and Amri. they are all five participants who went straight to practice.

“Insha Allah, the next week who want to practice more, we will make the race as well. All participants may participate in this contest by taking into account the points that have been submitted by the Facilitator Rumah Zakat, “said Facilitator Rumah Zakat.

“I am very happy to get a very good response from the participants, hopefully useful. Aamiin, “he added.

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