MUJUR. On Thursday (21/09) Santri of Mushola Al Hidayah Mujur Village, Kroya district, Cilacap regency alongside Facilitator of Rumah Zakat welcomes Islamic New Year’s Eve with various Islamic contests.

Although some santri could not attend, that did not reduce the crowded atmosphere, enthusiasm and spirit of the santri. And before the contest began, the students listen to a short tausiyah from Ustadz Paryadi one of the counseling teachers of the students of Al Hidayah. There was 14 students following the contest.

At that night Ustadz Paryadi delivered, “Tonight is the night of the turn of the year, the eve of the new year of hijriyah. In welcoming it is not recommended to enliven it by lighting fireworks, firecrackers and so on. But, let us welcome it by reflecting our life and keep up the spirit to meet the following years.” He said.

“For that, on this night the board of teachers together Asih Sholihah as the facilitator of Rumah Zakat initiate to held some contests for the santri,” said Ustadz Paryadi. The Competition was Tahfidz, Prayer Rules & Adzan contest.

Asih Sholihah said, “I hope the contests providing can educate the santri to know about the Islamic calendar, to love Islam more and keep up the spirit to continue to be a better person”.

This event ended with the distribution of trophies to the winners and the distribution of the gifts to all students, so that the happiness not only owned by the winners, but also the other santri.

“Alhamdulillaah, all the children were very happy. It is the beauty of sharing happiness . Thank you Rumah Zakat” said Ustadz Paryadi.



Newsroom / Dani Suhardi


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