BANDUNG. Rumah Zakat together with Cita Sehat supported the activity of Posbindu cadre or Integrated Elderly Development Post which was held by Sukajadi Subdistrict, Bandung City. The guidance was carried out in Sukajadi District Hall of Bandung on Thursday (07/09).

“Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat as a partner in the field of health supported to the Posbindu cadres especially in Bandung,” said Fadhli, Public Health Officer of Cita Sehat Bandung.

The event was opened by singing Indonesia Raya anthem together and then continued with greeting and material session. The first material was about Non-Communicable Disease for Lanisa delivered by Midwife Nurma, one of the midwives who served in RBG Clinic Rumah Zakat Bandung. The second material was continued by Fadhli, regarding Long Term Care care for the elderly.

The coaching was attended by representatives from Sukajadi district and 120 representatives of cadres in Sukajadi sub-district. On thet occasion also presented wife of the Vice Mayor of Bandung, Hj. Siti Muntamah Oded.

After the coaching done, Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat provided bike assistance that will be used by the cadres in providing additional food to the elderly homes in Sukajadi district.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat for the contribution in making innovation of elderly program and also provision of bike aid. Hopefully it can make the event full of blessings. Please send my regards to the leaders of Rumah Zakat,” said Mrs. Siti Muntamah Oded.



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