Rumah Zakat is a philanthropic institution that manages zakat, infak, shadaqoh, and other social funds through community empowerment programs. Empowerment program is realized through four main clusters namely Smile Champion (education), Healthy Smile (health), Smile Mandiri (economic empowerment), and Senyum Lestari (environmental initiatives).

The convert (mualaf) is one of the asnaf who is entitled to the distribution of zakat. Converts are a term for people who have just converted to Islam. At Surah At-Tawbah Verse 60 it is mentioned that the converts are among those who are entitled to receive zakat. the number of converts in Ciranjang Cianjur since 2000 reached nearly 300 people. At this time Rumah Zakat fostering about 35 people in the economic empowerment program in the form of business capital providers, entrepreneurs, training tools and others.

One example of converts who received help from Rumah Zakat is the couple, Mrs. Yayah and Mr. Iyan Suparyan. This family returns to Islam around 2012. This family situation does require our attention in financial terms.

Mr. Iyan used to work as a foreman in the sand digs for so long unemployed the only income this family is from car wash service is not sufficient for the needs of his family where the four grandchildren become dependent because his parents work far outside Ciranjang.

These converts have received help three times from the first and second Rumah Zakat in the form of venture capital for the car wash. Alhamdulillah from this help, He can buy the steam engine to wash the car and repair the place of business.

At this time the couple again gets help from Rumah Zakat to add side business outside car washing of chicken porridge business and peanut porridge. Alhamdulillah although Mr. Iyani does not work anymore, daily needs can be fulfilled.

“I will not look for another job again, I want to pursue this business, now it pioneered need time to go forward,” he said.


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