KAB. WEST BANDUNG. Located at a direct border with Purwakarta Regency, Puteran Village, Cikalong Wetan Subdistrict, West Bandung regency, has a Geographical area that is very suitable for the development of agriculture and livestock, because there are lots of rice fields and vacant land.

“For the development of livestock in this village, there are a lot of potential natural resources that farmers can easily use, especially with regard to forage feed, as well as for the development of agriculture, there are many vacant and still fertile land,” said Empowered Village Facilitator, Wawan.

In the beginning of June 2018, Rumah Zakat through Wawan distributed agricultural capital assistance for planting Sneak Beans located in the village of Puteran, a farmer group with 5 members and a land area of ​​2400 m2.

One of the conveniences of Sneak Beans is the planting time which is relatively short, which is around 70 days and can be harvested 8-10 times. Beneficiaries Capital assistance from Rumah Zakat is very grateful for the program because the problem that are faced by the farmers is capital even though the land is available.

Approximately one month, the planting of Sneak Beans in the target village is running, the development is quite good. Dasman Abdurrahman was one of the beneficiaries of this program and the chairman of the farming group felt helped by the assistance provided.

“Representing 5 beneficiaries, I thank Rumah Zakat for Capital Assistance for agriculture, and hopefully Rumah Zakat is progressing and more trusted by people” Dasman said.


Yanta / Lailatul Istikhomah

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