MALANG – Rumah Zakat helps pay off Ahmad Muzakki’s debt. He is a father of 3 daughters who live together with a wife who has pulmonary TB disease.

Ahmad’s profession was once an employee at a wood shop and decided to stop because he wanted to make a fortune on the Borneo Island. Although he had lived abroad, but good fortune had not been on his side.

A few years later he chose to return to Malang by working odd jobs. But because of the condition of the wife who was sick added daily necessities that continue to grow he is forced to debt to and fro.

Even though he has tried to run a fried business, his debt has not paid off. Until finally one of Rumah Zakat volunteers visieds and surveys Ahmad’s house with the aim of trying to help if there is sustenance from willing donors help.

Fortunately, after being initiated by a social campaign through finally came to help through benefactors throughout Indonesia until finally the funds were collected to cover up his debts.

Submission of assistance was carried out at Rumah Zakat office which was submitted directly by the facilitator to Mr. Ahmad Muzakki. It was seen thankful smile of happiness from Ahmad’s face.

“Alhamdulillah, maybe because of my daughter’s blessing who tried to maintain the memorization of Quran, finally our business could be helped, Thankyou donators,” Ahmad Muzakki said.



Lailatul Istikhomah

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