PAMEKASAN. The drought in Pamekasan Regency is increasingly widespread, Data from the BPBD of Pamekasan Regency said that now the number reaches 80 villages from the previous 78 villages.

From this information the Rumah Zakat Village Facilitator immediately conducted a site survey to distribute clean water assistance in drought-affected areas.

“Areas in Pamekasan Regency which are the target of Zakat Houses for Distribution of Clean Water Assistance include Larangan Tokol Village and Branta Pesisir,” said Muslih, the empowered village facilitator.

“Larangan Tokol is the first distribution area.” The availability of water here (Larangan Tokol Village) cannot meet the water needs of residents, even if there are wells in several houses, but the water has long been dry due to the long dry season this year” Muslih explained when accompanying the distribution of clean water for residents in Tengan Satu Village, Larangan Tokol, Tlanakan Sub-District. Sunday (28/10).

Indeed, water aid today is channeled by three tanks, for the next it will be brought in gradually. Residents are seen flocking to get water. They brought their jerry cans and bathtubs when clean water aid arrived.

“The help of clean water is very beneficial for us, the citizens here, we are very grateful to Rumah Zakat for caring for us,” said Mas Hendri as a Youth Figure in Larangan Tokol Village.


Aditya Evan / Lailatul Istikhomah

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