PEMALANG. Mrs. Narti is a resident of RT 03 RW 02 of Semingkir Village, Randudongkal Sub-district, Pemalang, Central Java, who is the beneficiary of Senyum Mandiri program that promoted by facilitators of Rumah Zakat. It has been more than a year since the presence of Rumah Zakat in RW 02 she became the member of Rumah Zakat. Various existing constraints she uttered to Rumah Zakat, among them constrained by production capital.

With Senyum Mandiri program, in order to increase production capacity and marketing reach, Rumah Zakat provides productive capital assistance so that its business can grow. Since getting production capital aid, the production process can take place every day. Previously her business was still stagnant, sometimes she produced and sometimes not.

In addition, the production process that had only spent 3 kg of flour, now rose to 5 kg per day and even up to 7 kg a day. Making cookies is a major job for Mrs. Narti. Her husband worked odd jobs in Jakarta. Not only donuts, a variety of snacks or wet cakes, can be made. There are sponge buns, sticks, princesses, ketapang seeds, layer cake, and others.

The production process is made freshly every day from 03.00 AM, then she sell it herself from 6:00 to 8:00 am. Because the marketing area is still around Semingkir village, and this is closely related to the purchasing power of villagers, then the selling price is only a thousand rupiah per fruit. The amount of profit that he earn range from 20% of the price, but she does not calculate her own strength. Donuts that he produces can last 2-3 days. The pastries can last 1-2 months.

With regular coaching, the spirit of selling bu Narti more organized. “The challenge ahead is to be able to recruit people who can be partners who are willing to market my production, so that the marketing area is wider, production capacity will increase” said Mrs. Narti. “Thank you Rumah Zakat.” she concluded.



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