SALATIGA. The Facilitator of Empowered Village in Salatiga City on Tuesday (6/11) provided clean water assistance to Salatiga residents who experienced drought during the dry season. The areas that get water assistance are in Ploso Hamlet, Kembang Hamlet, and Randuares Hamlet. All locations are in Argomulyo District, Salatiga.

Dwi Pujiyanto, Village Facilitator for Rumah Zakat said that this assistance was given as a form of concern for Rumah Zakat to communities who are experiencing drought. On that occasion, Rumah Zakat distributed seven clean water tanks totaling 28,000 liters in collaboration with the Regional Water Company (PDAM) in Salatiga City to procure water.

“This water distribution is carried out to help people who have experienced water drought since the last few months. Rumah Zakat has a program called “Sharing Water for Life”. On that occasion, we were assisted by other volunteers, namely Zaidun channeling to several location points including Ploso two points, Kembang two points, and Randuares four points, “said Dwi Pujiyanto.

On that occasion, Muh. Haris, Deputy Mayor of Salatiga also complements the clean water distribution carried out by Rumah Zakat. He is here to review and greet the community in the Randuares area, Kumpulrejo Village. He also expressed his gratitude to Rumah Zakat and various parties who helped the people in Salatiga who have difficulty getting clean water due to the long dry season, which causes PAM water to die and residents’ wells to experience drought.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat for distributing water to our community in Salatiga City, Several places in Salatiga City experienced water difficulties because PAM water was dead because the water debit during the dry season is reduced, besides the residents’ wells also experience drought, “said Muh. Haris.

The same thing was conveyed by Waluyo, Chair of RW 07 Kembang Hamlet, Randuacir Village, thanking volunteers from Rumah Zakat who have helped provide clean water to residents in Kembang Hamlet. He said that every day people always queued up waiting and relied on water assistance from others. Water difficulty has been experienced by residents for the past few months, so that people have to save money in using water both for bathing, washing, drinking, cooking, and other needs.

“Thank you to Rumah Zakat for helping our citizens. Yes, this is the scene every day. Our residents together haul buckets or water conductors in a shelter. They were very happy when the water tank came. That’s what they are waiting for every day, “said Waluyo.


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