PROGOKULON (11/20). Gerbosari Village, located in Jeruk Hamlet, Samiguluh Subdistrict, Kulon Progo Regency, has good business potential. There are a number of residents who have home-based businesses such as Ibu Sutilah who have products of palm sugar. Rumah Zakat provides business assistance to help develop the business in this village.

To increase the enthusiasm and motivation of beneficiaries in Gerbosari village on Tuesday last month, (20/11), Rumah Zakat Facilitator held a taklim assembly activity as well as channeling business assistance. In this agenda the recipients of business capital assistance in Gerbosari Samigaluh, together with the Rumah Zakat Facilitator conducted several activities such as mentoring, group development, and mentoring visits to each beneficiary.

The visit was carried out to four beneficiaries, including the production of tempe, Ms. Parisah and Ibu Sutilah, the production of palm sugar, Javanese sugar, then there was Ibu Suratini and Ibu Senijem, the production of geblek which is a specialty of Kulon Progo.

Rumah Zakat Facilitator gives direction to the importance of consistency in running a business and producing a quality product. Strong determination is needed in order to remain istiqomah in cultivating a business, besides that Rumah Zakat facilitator also initiates sales relations to the minimarkets and existing shops. Previously, some of the production had been deposited with KSU Al Barokah.

“With the provision of assistance and business facilities from Rumah Zakat, it is expected to increase business as well as increasingly smoothly producing. The beneficiaries are gratitude and thankfull to Rumah Zakat along with the donatrs who can move the wheels of the economy in Gerbosari village,” said Rumah Zakat facilitator.


Rifai Yusup / Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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