CIANJUR (08/04), Rumah Zakat bandung volunteers, carry out Superqurban Expedition from Human Concern International (HCI) in Cikadu Cianjur Selatan, precisely in Cisaranten Village Cikadu District, Cianjur Selatan Regency. In this distribution volunteer team distributed 700 Superqurban, 70 Snack packets and books and pencils for children.

Rumah Zakat House volunteers have to travel for approximately 7 hours to Cisaranten Village, they need to pass the forest, with extreme roads, and the rain that increasingly makes the team challenged to get to the location. Several times the volunteer’s vehicle fell because of slipping by the mud.

“Arriving at our location immediately greeted warmly by smiles and additional keramba residents who have been waiting for our arrival,” said Nur Latifah, Volunteers Rumah Zakat.

Superqurban is distributed in two villages namely Mekarbaru Village and Sarijadi Village. Mekarbaru village is one of the villages in the top of the hills, this village inhabited by 26 families consist of 74 people. The livelihood of the residents is a tapper of sugar palm, paddies and sereh wengi farmer. Meanwhile Kampung Sarijadi is a village with high risk to landslide disaster. Recorded in 2013 has happened Landslide and claimed casualties, therefore some villagers in relocation to the current place in the village of Sarijadi Rt 013 Rw 005 Village Cisaranten Cikadu District Cianjur District.

Residents in these two villages are also very happy to get Superqurban corned beef and Superqurban rendang.

“Thanks to Rumah Zakat and HCI, thanks to the help of corned beef and rendang, Alhamdulillah me and the people are very happy and hope that Rumah Zakat and HCI can be more successful.” said Arja Arya (60 years) as Chairman of Neighborhood in Kampung Mekarbaru.

Izzatul Yazid / Lailatul Istikhomah

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