PACITAN. On Wednesday (12/07) Relawan Inspirasi of Rumah Zakat ICD Sirnoboyo, Indar Siswoyo together with Sirnoboyo village government synergize with the Management of Garbage Banks of Pacitan Regency succeeded in organizing waste handling activities by dissemination activities of waste segregation.

The activity was followed by the practicing trash segregation in the warehouses of RAMLI Trash Bank of Pacitan Regency. As a follow up of the series of activities, the Bank has formed Trash Bank Unit BERSERI Sirnoboyo Village and 4 sub-bank trash bank located in 4 sub-districts of Sirnoboyo Village, namely Sub Unit Ngemplak, Sub Unit Suruhan, Sub-unit Mendole and Sub Unit Krajan.

The event involves representatives from 22 RTs and 8 schools located in Sirnoboyo Village area with about 100 participants. “Through these activities, the confidence of Sirnoboyo village government to support the formation and the running of the Garbage Bank was increased. It also built the commitment to add Operational needs of Trash Bank on ADD planning program in 2018.” Said Indar Siswoyo.

“Alhamdulillah so far we already have 1 sub unit of trash bank, 1 vehicle 3 wheel for garbage transporter in 4 sub unit of trash bank of Sirnoboyo Village of Pacitan Regency.” Said one of the board of Garbage Bank of Pacitan Regency.



Newsroom / Wanda Yulianto


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