CILEGON. Rumah Zakat in collaboration with BukaLapak distributes 3,715 cans of Superqurban corned beef and Superqurban rendang in some areas in Cilegon and Serang Banten on 5 – 6 May.

Saturday morning Volunteer Team consisting of 8 people traveled from Jakarta to Cilegon by soldiers truck. Arriving at the distribution site, the team was divided into several groups to facilitate the distribution of corned beef to the citizens. Following the residents’camp, Team Volunteers distributed corned to residents’ houses in 5 areas.

The distribution areas are Kp. Sambirata RT 01 -05 RW 03, Kp. Sambilawang RT 03 RW 02, and Kp. Cibeber RT 01-04 RW are all located in Kel. Cibeber, Kec. Cibeber Cilegon. Three locations are locations that had been hit by Flash Flood a few weeks ago. The next location is Pantai Batu Saung Kp Ciparay. Kec. Cinangka, Serang and the last location is the hills in Kp Kepuh Serang District.

This Superqurban is the optimization of Qurbani worship in which the Qurbani meat processed to be corned, so that the distribution of Qurban meat can be longer and reach the remote areas and become a source of nutrition and food for residents in remote areas.

“Thank you very much, Ijust stay with grandfather alone. Had long never eat meat like this anymore. I am no longer able to stand, or even walk. Thank you, hopefully the volunteers have a long life” said Mbah Satiyem (90th) one of the Superqurban beneficiaries.


Izzatul Yazid / Lailatul Istikhomah

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