PEKANBARU. Volunteers Rumah Zakat Pekanbaru branch has sent a donation of 100 cans of corned beef along with clothing worth wearing to the victim of fire. The volunteers who dropped in this action as many as 13 people on Monday (29/01/2018).

The fire occurred on Sunday (28/01/2018) at Perdagangan Street, Kampung Bandar, Senapelan district, Pekanbaru. The fire burned 13 houses inhabited by 14 Heads of Families. The total number of affected victims was 46 people, consisting of adults and children.

It is estimated that the cause of the fire is an electric zipper coming from one of the houses in the dense settlement. The affected victims had to flee to relatives’ homes around their residence.

In addition to providing material assistance, Rumah Zakat volunteers also help residents and Satpol PP to clean up the debris in the fire place. Volunteers also set up aid posts located in the mosque right next to the fire location.

“I am the chairman of RW to thank the Rumah Zakat volunteers have been willing to help us, clean up the debris, keep the aid post and help distribute the aid to the community We feel very helpful,” said Mr. Zulkarnain as the local RW Chairman.

Next Nurhadi as Rumah Zakat volunteer coordinator appealed to all parties to continue to provide good assistance in the form of clothing, food and boards to the victims of the fire. “They still need our help, especially the materials to rebuild their burning house,” he concluded.


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