TEMANGGUNG. Now residents’ yards in Kedunggintung Hamlet, Baledu Village, Kandangan District, Temanggung Regency looks fresh and beautiful, various plants thrives with various types of vegetables in residents’ yards.

This makes the atmosphere cool and beautiful, in addition to vegetables now the yard also provided with a hand washing place which is one of the programs in Baledu Empowered Village in order to maintain the hygiene and health of all residents.

“Once our yard was dry and hot, dust flew during the day, but now turned into a green and fresh yard,” said Ibu Ika one of the residents when visited by Rumah Zakat’s facilitator , Abdurrochman Wachid (8/1).

Management and procurement of family vegetable program is on the cooperation of residents and Rumah Zakat which provides media such as polybag and seed.” Besides making a beautiful and fresh yard is also expected to create economic independence in every household with home-based yard utilization”, Abdurrochman said.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah                                                             Temanggung

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