GUNUNGKIDUL. After raising the spirit of TPA children with TPA Bertakjil program, now the facilitator of Rumah Zakat in the village of Pacarejo empowered to hold a Gift Exchange for the children who attended the TPA activity.

In this Gift Exchange Event the santri exchange gifts that they previously brought from home. For the contents of the gift was attempted not to complicate the santri, where the gifts they make may contain a type of food that costs no more than Rp2.000 only.

“Students are assigned to make gifts containing takjil to educate students to charity or to foster the spirit of giving spirit to others. Yes, with this Gift Exchange is expected to grow the soul of the santri and reduce the saturation of the landfill if takjilnya always from the teacher. The plan of this Gift Exchange will be held once a month,” explained the empowered village facilitator Pacarejo, Ratno Sungkowo.

Especially on Monday (09/10) TPA held singing competitions, pildacil contest, race contest, and yel-yel contest. The santri was very cheerfully listen to the explanation ustdzah Evi earlier.

At the end of the event, the santri grew as the gifts began to be collected per study group and began to be distributed randomly. “Horray …. Mas Ratno …. Mas Ratno …. I get three gifts … it’s all delicious…. I am happy.” shouted one of the santri.


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