RUMAH ZAKAT GULIRKAN PROGRAM MANDIRI MUALAF TERBINA DESA BERDAYAMENTAWAI. Tuesday, (16/05) Rumah Zakat launched Empowered Mandiri Mualaf in Desa Berdaya, Sikakap, Kepulawan Mentawai. This time Rumah Zakat visited the house of Heltina as well as delivering business assistance for Heltina’s cake.

Heltina lives in Sikakap with her two children who are still in school, while her husband has not been home for a long time. Even so, he still follow Majlis taklim and practice religious teachings. Heltina is a convert who regularly follow taklim counseled RI held every Saturday afternoon in the secretariat of Majlis Taklim Masjid Raya Alfuran Sikakap.

The business that he’s been run is the field of culinary, namely snail cakes. Heltina’s business has long enough running, but not every day she do her production, due to limited capital and orders from customers.

Rumah Zakat for three times provides materials for her business, in the form of flour, beans, oil and sugar amounting to Rp. 500,000. Hopefully this assistance will help Heltina to increase her profit income.

“I am very grateful to Rumah Zakat who has provided materials for making cakes. Hopefully my business runs better and the income can increase, “Heltina said.

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