CIANJUR. Monday, (05/22) Rumah Zakat attended the launching of MI (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah) Cipelah 2 in Giri Mukti Village, Pasir Kuda Subdistrict, Cianjur. It spends more than 4 hours from Bandung through Ciwidey to get to the location. Despite passing quite extreme route, but paid off with a very beautiful view.


Rumah Zakat program team and Sharing Happiness team can attend the launching event in order to be grateful for the completion of MI Cipelah development. Previously, some classrooms of MI Cipelah 2 has classes that were not feasible because it is made of woven bamboo and open roof.


With the help of Rumah Zakat donator through Sharing Happiness, now MI Cipelah 2 has new 3 classes building can be used by students. The condition of the buildings that stood since the 80s has never been renovated, the building almost collapsed, the chamber made of woven bamboo without a roof.


With the funds collected through, little by little donations start arriving, so that it can complete 3 new classes with clean toilet facilities. The launching event was greeted with great joy by students of MI Cipelah 2, as well as with the teachers and administrators.


The event was attended by approximately 124 students, beginning with a welcome from the board, one of which greeting from the chairman of the Nurul Salam Foundation is KH. Munawar and Chairman of Madrasah Working Group of Cianjur Regency, Gunawan S, Ag, followed by welcome from Erip Saeful as representative of Rumah Zakat. The inauguration was marked with cutting the ribbon and a joint prayer. Furthermore, the launching also became lively of performance from art creations and Little Dai performance from the students of MI Cipelah 2.


Thank you also continued to be spoken by the chairman of the Foundation and Teachers at MI Cipelah for Donators who donate through Sharing Happiness. “May Allah SWT always repay all of the goodness of Donator, with unparalleled reward, and Allah SWT always delegate reward and sustenance to the Donators.”



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